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Jan 20, 2013 1:25pm EST
defense, of an opposition to unions and a defense of free enterprise politics. and also it's in the sun belt in the south and southwest, that we see the rise of what -- by the 1970s we'll be talk about as the religious right. the rise of evangelical involvement in the process. so national defense, he was a staunch anticommunist and played an important role in right wing anticommunist politics in the late 1960s, one of the things that led him to switch parties in 1964. he was a key figure in opposing labor unions and did so long people like barry gold water. early in his career he was a staunch advocate of unions in south carolina, back in the 30s and 40s, when the union vote was an important vote in south carolina, but he switches in the '50s and 60s and by 1970s becomes a die hard supporter of business against labor. then he also has an important roll in conservative evangelical politics. he joins the board of bob jones university in 1950. he does it to win votes, and the upcountry of south carolina. bob jones just moved to his university, and thurmond needed votes. lost the race to th
Jan 21, 2013 11:15am EST
measures of success. first, the president must provide defense against foreign or domestic threat. secondly, the president must retain or expand economic, political and/or social opportunities. this becomes the primary challenge that the nation feels secure from military threats. third, the president must be effectively lead congress. since the nation began, there's been a perennial conflict between the executive and legislative branches of government. most presidents will extend their exclusive dance of authority to the utmost. congress, on the other hand, generally seek to limit the president's freedom of action. it's understood, however, that from time to time setting such limits may be needed. fourth, the president must avoid a spirit of invincibility. of hubris that might cause a president to lose touch with the political reality. five, the president must exercise influence over and effectively communicate with the nation, he must be able to communicate persuasively. six, it majority of american people must i believe in the president's integrity, and have sustained a substantial level
Jan 21, 2013 11:15pm EST
, the president must provide defense against foreign or domestic dress. secondly, the president must retain or expand economic, political or social opportunity. this becomes the primary challenge if the nation feel secured from military threat. third, the president must effectively lead congress since the nation began with the perennial conflict between the executive and legislative branches of government. most presidents will extend their exclusive hands of authority to the utmost, congress on the other hand generally seeks to limit, the president's freedom of action. is understood, however, time to time setting such limit may be needed. fourth, the president of servers embrace. of invincibility, of hubris which icons the president to lose touch with political realities. five, the president must exercise influence over and effectively communicate with the nations whose able to communicate persuasively. six, the majority of american people must believe in the president's integrity and sustain a substantial level of pride and the president throughout the eight years in office, despite specif
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am EST
thompson archer. it is time, archer said, for all good southerners to stand his words united in defense of the god given right to own the african. end quote. the official secession documents just put the same sentiment in more polite legal language. now, eight other slave states who had closer ties with the union remained within the union, and those are the states colored on the map in front of you in gray and light blue. but four of those states, the ones in gray -- arkansas, the lower south out the door unless the newly-elected president explicitly abandoned the platform on which he had just been elected. lincoln, they declared, must guarantee that slavery could in the future expand into all or part of the federal territories. and, by the way, not only those territories currently held, but also a territories yet -- also territories yet to be acquired. and that demand was made with an eye on eventually acquiring cuba, parts of central america and other parts of the caribbean which were expected to be turned into slave-holding territories and slave-holding eventually states. if lincoln
Jan 19, 2013 9:30pm EST
misunderstood. we tend to think of as defensive move. they were losing in the union. they decided to, you know, take this gamble. they did take a gamble. they were only slave holding class in the 19th century war who did it. the brazilian, cuban didn't. why did they do it? that's an interesting question. i try to explain a little bit in the book. what was mind set. it's completely fascinating to get inside the mind of the incredibly powerful not just in terms of social power and wealth but political power of this planter elite. they were used to running the united states and they really did not doubt their ability to do this separately. so the confidence is there. and a big piece of the story. >> was there overwhelming support for succession among the south. >> no. it's a really interesting political campaign. when i, i mean, i've written about it three or four times in my life. i have never seize to be amazed. it's as interesting as my campaign in modern history. karl rove would have been impressed. they needed , i mean, most of the elite, the political elite, you know, only a third of white
Jan 20, 2013 7:30am EST
movement defense politics as any other team. the exit polls and other tools people define themselves by two to one to the rose, around 40% to 20% of the population goes up and then depending what is happening. it's safe to say the country is still separate. it's about cohesive and together as it has been. i'm part of that group made up of about 25 or 30 leaders of the conservative movement and includes libertarians, includes christian conservatives, foreign-policy conservatives, and we pretty much get along on everything. i don't think there's very many things we disagree on. we discussed every issue that comes along every week we have two meetings a year african heads of 100 conservative organization. i can say they are as enthusiastic as either. the movement continues to grow. there's always new young writers coming along. authors periodicals and things that are vibrant for any movement it's going to stay alive. generally speaking given the ups and nasa politics is as good a shape as it is there have. i'm the chairman of the intercollegiate studies institute. others of you have participat
Jan 19, 2013 4:00pm EST
recognized the fort as a natural defensive place in, spend several days in the forest pouring it with a german veterans. i have seen every single -- the place was 3 registered. there were bunkers. it was a death trap. there were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of mines on the forest floor, there were conifer trees that blocked the sun light. it was very hard to see at times. "dog company" and the second ranger battalion was placed in the fort as a reserve unit. it was there that they would ask the special operations mission that never took place but all men said something to me, our longest day was not d-day. it was december 7, 1944. let me take you now to was the second ranger battalion had as one of their greatest battles. in many ways it is an untold story. a place called bernstein. practically an entire army regiment, tank regiment was tasked with seizing burkestein, it was the farthest penetration into germany. the tank regiments was practically destroyed trying to take burkstein. behind burkstein was hill 400. the only people that were left in reserve was the second r
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
in the modern age, this is probably the best defense for liberty. doesn't have to be nationstate exactly. theoretically cut alone in a for flanders could probably exist as a nation, as long as they separated peacefully. they established the democratic republic of flanders to some people are discussing now. this could have been. it's not even theoretical at this point. i have a few call it a nationstate. but it doesn't necessarily mean ethnic nation. in the modern world, this is probably the best institutions, unless you can, but better. i don't think it would be world government, but it would be a form of governance in which they were the structures. an international criminal core, which appeared in national law. in liberty and can send can't be seen as on the american founders, what do they see as most precious going back to the declaration of independence and the constitution, our rights come from god. the rates are protected by a form of government. it could be a smaller form of government, but it would be some form of estate. i think that answered your question. i don't see anything
Jan 21, 2013 6:30am EST
to bring order to the defense, by showing the side, the view of the side that the newspaper supported. so todd mentioned the riots in boston before the war, for instance. the newspapers would occasionally report on those but they would also try to downplay the destruction, or would say that the riots were done -- sailors and boys, people who are not respectable citizens of the town. but those newspapers are still very important because they say what the other people -- [inaudible] learned about those events. >> questions? >> so you're describing the meet was lawyerless lean the same way we have kind of left leaning or right-leaning media. i'm wondering if you found any of your research anything at sort of resemble light opinion pieces are calling the way we know today? do you know when? >> usually page one of the newspapers contained serialized essays that would go on sometimes for multiple issues, where they would provide one perspective of a certain argument, and then sometimes you would also receive in the counter argument immediately following. often in pseudonyms. >> i would say ever
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm EST
for that series of defense that really changed american politics forever. what the legal standard was going to be. c-span: what happened on the trip to get it? >> guest: more bugs. lots of misbehavior. this time not by dr. king because coretta was living with him if for no other reason but there was just a lot of ego jockeying and wild partying and chasing women around through the rooms the need for much mary met inside the fbi. c-span: was the public aware of it than? >> guest: no, the public was never aware. c-span: argue the first one to write about this? >> guest: i know, other people have written about various parts of it. i am the first person, i think, to write about this -- i think the distressing personal ego conflict with ralph abernathy to the degree that was, and andy young told me that he thought the estrangement with abernathy was a money. he wanted have the money from the nobel peace prize and he called a4a partners and all this and it really kind of choked the relationship. he said that he thought this was the more painful to dr. king than anything. jay edgar hoover might do to hi
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
-first century the office of the secretary of defense thought it was irrelevant to these kinds of things that that office through a seminar based on that book and brought people from the state department, energy department and ibm but in reality the path to understanding these things has been chosen by madelbrot who went beyond conventional mathematics, he ditched the mathematics of his uncle was a great mathematician in paris and ditched the mathematics of equations which was largely there in order to keep us from understanding mass so we went to apply to making weapons and he went back to making that -- what had been since the beginning of mathematics, pictures. he did it using this new tool. he works for a business machine company as a permanent finger and coming up with incredible business machines called computers and got the computers to create pictures based on very simple equations. and began to see the kinds of patterns emerging that will allow mathematics to deal with the stock market. mathematics will only be able to do that when the answers, john stuart mill and the question
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)